Denise Bundee
Vital statistics
Position Enemy Agent
Age 22
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'9
Weight That isn't polite to ask

Denise Bundee is a villain, ex-O.W.C.A Agent, and a mercenary.


Denise was one of O.W.C.A.'s best agents back in its early days. She met Perry Platt during the latter's first introduction in the academy, and the two had been rivals on missions ever since. Due to her critical behavior during training exercises and constant praise for her rival (even though she was one of the top students in her class), Denise grew bitter and called against Perry. She quit the academy, and then studied at Medfield College for Economics, Criminal Science, Gymnastics, and Marksmanship. After she graduated, she joined O.W.C.A. and despite quitting the academy, she was accepted due to her renown skills. To her displeasure, Perry was also accepted into the organization, igniting the rivalry once more. However, Denise became greedy as time went by, believing that working to stop simply evil scientists wasn't very profitable, and became ruthless as well. After coming to believe O.W.C.A. was too "soft" and undeserving of her talents, she eventually betrayed the organization by obtaining its list of known field operatives for an unknown client. Although O.W.C.A. managed to stop her, Denise escaped and enlisted herself as a mercenary in the criminal market.


Like her rival Perry, Denise is a woman of few words and thinks before she acts. However, she relies more on cunning and patience than actually integrating herself into open situations. As a master of disguise, she is a convincing actor and manipulative, and is almost undetectable. However, her true personality is deathly serious, derogatory, and conniving when she is forced to cast away her disguise. She is quite traitorous, and only works for herself or her employers depending on the reward she can get. However, due to her greedy nature, she can get easily distracted by jewelry, specifically 14-carat gold.


  • She is the roleplay character of SilverFlight.
  • She is partially based on Dennis the Bunny from the popular Disney Channel show Phineas and Ferb.
  • She gets quite annoyed when someone mispronounces her name as "bun-dee", the correct pronunciation is "bun-dè".
  • She can mimic many accents, but she will rarely use her true native tongue. However, she is prone to saying swears in French.