Penelope Platt
Vital statistics
Position Super-Villain
Age 25
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'2
Weight State Secret

Penelope Platt is a supervillain, who is the sister of Perry Platt.


Peneleope Platt was born 1988 in Westminster, London. At the age of 13, moved to america with her parents and Sister to an American town, called Danville. Only a year after, she left her home after a fight with Perry, then enrolled at Medfield College and dissapeared for years. She re-appeared in 2011, when she became known as a super-villain to the public, after a simultaneous 72 bank robbery, that was conducted online. Her motives remain a mystery.


She shares many similarities to her sister, but is much colder and has a dark and twisted sense of humor. She goes out of her way to cause harm and discomfort to her sister.


  • She is the roleplay character of ISeeTheLight17.
  • She has no remnants of her British accent.
  • She is an expert with technology and can hack into even the most top-secret computer programs.
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